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Nesbox Emulator for XBox One v4

This emulator is designed only for XBox One and works only with the gamepad buttons: ARROWS, A, B, X, Y, SELECT - left shoulder, START - right shoulder, L - left trigger, R - right trigger.


  • supports NES, SNES, GENESIS, GAMEBOY and ADVANCE systems: .nes .smc .sfc .gen .smd .mb .bin .gba .gbc .gb;
  • save/load game state;
  • local multiplayer (two controllers);
  • import roms from OneDrive;
  • save game state to OneDrive;
  • gamepad buttons mapping;


  • added OneDrive save states;
  • removed local storage;
  • gamepad stick support;
  • some minor fixes;

To start playing click on the emulator window, sign in OneDrive (only once at the start) and if all is OK click again to enable FULLSCREEN mode (gamepad input works only in fullscreen mode).

You should have a ROM file to play a game and upload it via OneDrive.

Use (A) to select item in menu and (B) to go back.

Press SELECT+START to show game menu (save/load/reset).

Select MENU > USE BROWSING CONTROLS to show browser cursor.

If you want to support the emulator you can make a donation by clicking SUPPORT THIS GAME button or rate the game.

If you want to be in touch follow me @nesboxcom


Universal Emulator in Widows Store

More information

Published159 days ago
StatusIn development
Tagsgameboy, NES, nesbox, sega, snes, xbox
Average durationAbout a half-hour
InputsXBox 360 controllers
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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i havent played for a a while and now all my saves are gone ,,, grrrr

i havent played for a a while and now all my saves are gone ,,, grrrr

Hey guys! This is amazing. Would it be possible to, through OneDrive sync this and the UWP Universal Emulator, making it Play Anywhere? That would be amazing, as it would connect most devices.

Hi, I had trouble loading the correct save state. I saved the game at least 2 more times, but when I choose load save, it's still the old save state. Any idea what happened? Is it possible to recover the most recent save state? Does the emulator allow for multiple save states? Thanks for the help.

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hello i'm haveing problems with this, i uploaded my roms to my onedrive via computer and even via cellphone, i've tried 3 diffrent roms sites, but everytime i load this emulator on my xbox one, the rom files apear on the emulator but allways says that the folders are empty???i've also refreshed the page multi times. Is there a way to fix this? What am i doing wrong? Can someone give me a heads up plz

Hi, try to open your OneDrive folder from the XBox Edge browser

and make sure that your files are exist

Deleted post
Deleted post

i found out how to make everything work thanks a million but now all games run in fast forword lol is this a regular problem?

Try to use NTSC roms unstead PAL

it will showunzip files only.

whenever I try opening a game it'll say loading, but the screen goes to black and stays blank

on every game or on specific?

so far mario 3 and the snes mario collection

Is it possible to make a neogeo version of web based emulators?

it's possible, but not for me :)

plz work on save and load works fine ur playin,but once u leave game than come back 2 it...ur back a couple hours or so ...for example i wa playing illlusion of gia and was almost near the end..saved the game on ur save/load was fine while i was in the game...but once u left and came back to the game and pressed continue it brought me way back towards the beginning where i first saved it,,,,i even went basck through it again...and did the samething to also did it 2 super mario world also...the emulator is great tho....just cant play rpgs without ur save/load prtogram working properly..thanks

I CAN'T EVEN ENTER IT it says click and press a to start and im doing that but im having no luck :-(

Just press MENU on your controller, press mouse then press game controls again.

any progress on the emulator ??

not yet, sorry

Can someone explain or link to me how the save states work. I am having no luck with them

why remove the onedrive button? now i can't add games.

why remove the onedrive button? now i can't add games.

please help

I'm new to this where do you get the roms at to play on the emulator

download roms nes or snes from piratebay

or it safer that way

I just seem to be watching the computer play , playing donkey kong thought it was me but it wasn't me playing it was the computer and Track and field I was just watching both cpu players running . what am I doing wrong why wont it recognized my xbox one crontroller please , why cant I play . why am I just watching the computer play ?

helpppppppppp please


can someone please help me? None of the states i save are able to load back up, I must be doing something wrong. I've emulated alot on android and pc but for some reason im not seeing a savestate folder or when i try to go do something else on xbox like netflix and come back later to load state it only offers the option to save state. Please help!

Could we.have Atari, intelivision emulators?

First, thanks for developing this, it's awesome being able to play this on a modern TV with minimal effort.

In regards to the Genesis emulator, is there any way to map the C button? I wasn't sure if "only works with the gamepad buttons: ...A, B, X, Y" applied to the genesis games as well. Making sure I'm not missing something.

YO can we please N64 like this?

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