A downloadable game

now lives here https://nesbox.com/

StatusIn development
TagsGame Boy, NES, nesbox, sega, snes, xbox
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsXbox controller
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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Have a problem, when i press "B" it's getting out of the emulator, because of that I can't play the games :'( 


I'm running into same issue :( I could see this issue only after the new edge version upgrade. If someone can help with this issue, it would be of great help.

why i need a microsoft account

how do you do this

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why is not working on https://www.retrostic.com/roms/snes/ninja-gaiden-trilogy-2862 ??

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Contra hard corps is not working properly please fix it up this is where i got the game from


Sound on emulator is oddly. Meest up

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how do you use it im a little confused I've tried everything i need help.

You need to remove the border off the internet settings  had the same problem, works fine now

kmode exception not handled
windows 10 no internet
valid ip address
nvidia control panel
nvidia system monitor
uninstall symantec endpoint protection

hey another thing please help me most of the sega genesis games are saying developed for use only with pal and french systems

Hello can you add other consoles like sega master system and atari




Contra hard corps and toy story is not working properly could you fix it up please


Great emulator for Xbox one but can you please add Sega 32x and Sega cd.

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Great emulator, using it on Xbox one. Here are some tips for abyone having problems saving. All games save the first time, some won't save a second time so on my phone I open my one drive account and  I manually move my save which is located in the folder ".nesbox" to a new folder then save and it works. However it will only work for 1hr before  you have to  close explorer and reopen it for it to recconect wt one drive to be able to save for another hour.  I save every 15m just in case.  Also if you move a save back to the game folder make sure to delete whatever is after the game file. "save file.sfc(8)" for example delete the (8) or it won't read it. 

yeah I just save every 30 minutes, and then reload the nesbox page, its a pain but better then losing save points

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Hi, excellent emulator!!!, but when playing Snes games, you don't see part of the game, for example in Mario All Stars - Super Mario Bros you don't see the floor.

My legal copy that I backed up doesn't have that issue. Perhaps buy a differnt version and back it up and try again. Could be a pal version and you need Ntsc?

You need to remove the border off the internet settings  had the same problem, works fine now

Hi ! is there any way to transfer save state file from regular snes9x emulator to nesbox ? If yes, which version of snes9x does it support ?

I'm new to this, my question is how long does save stating work before doing nothing?

Found it works for an hour before I have to reload the browser. Also some games don't let me save twice unless I move the first save state to a new folder. See my comment above for more info.


coooooool putas

draagon ball




Were is the game part

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After I load a room from OneDrive. It goes right into demo mode. Can't play any games  tried several roms

how do i get it working

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Will it ever get updated as GBA still sounds horrible, bigger screen would be a cool feature and other console support if possible? Not saying GC level as it would require lots of time to make it work but surely others could work with tweaks to the code.


hey I just recently started using Nesbox and the only problem is I can save my state but for some reason it doesn鈥檛 always work. I鈥檝e tried saving in game and my state but every time I get back on my Xbox it just doesn鈥檛 work. Anyone having the same problem??

Xbox one emulator is computer software that functions as Xbox one gaming console, for instance, iPadian which iOS emulator. An Xbox one Emulator is a very sophisticated computer software, that pretends like an Xbox one gaming console.

Hello there,  could anyone help me figure out how to save on a pokemon game? I'm playing on xbox one on the embedded version and I have zero clue how to save or even get to a save menu. From what I'm seeing, you're supposed to press start and select, but once I do that, I exit from the full screen and the only way to get back to full screen is to use the browser controls, but once i use the browser controls i completely lose function to the game controls and can't continue where i left off. So, I've had to restart the game like 5 times, losing all my progress. 

So, how do you save on xbox one or even get to a save menu, without having to activate the browser controls and losing all progress. 

Help is greatly appreciated. 

sorry this is late but hopefully it will help others

press left and right buttons (not triggers) at the same time to bring up save menu. This menu will allow you to save, load, reset and exit game

I love the emulator been using it for quite sometime maybe 3 years. I ha e to gripes though ...the screen cuts off the image at the bottom so I can't see whats going on. For instance SSF: The New Challengers I cant see the super meter on the bottom.

My 2nd gripe is the save/load states. They more or less work...for certain games. I can't play an RPG/JRPG game cause it will only save at a certain point. So when I progress from that certain save point I can't. Even if I choose save state it will load the previous save state and not a new one. So whenever I come back to it all my progress is gone. Sometimes I'll double check before I stop playing and it will load the current save state but if I exit the browser it's like it gets deleted and the previous save state is loaded.

A shot in the dark, not sure of you're still doing maintenance on it.

You need to change the border settings in the edge browser settings in order to see the bottom of the game.

Yeah I have issues with saves too not sure what to do there

When I open up with edge, I can only see a certain amount of my roms that are in the Onedrive folder. Is there a cap on how many roms will pop up on Nesbox??

I think it's 100 roms per folder.

how come this doesnt work? It just quirks out or won't let me do anything after I press a button. This is trash in explorer. Thanks a buggy pos bruh!

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