click on the emulator window to start

Nesbox Emulator for XBox One v3

This emulator is designed only for XBox One and works only with the gamepad buttons: ARROWS, A, B, X, Y, SELECT - left shoulder, START - right shoulder, L - left trigger, R - right trigger.


  • supports NES, SNES, GENESIS, GAMEBOY and ADVANCE systems: .nes .smc .sfc .gen .smd .mb .bin .gba .gbc .gb;
  • save/load game state;
  • local multiplayer (two controllers);
  • import roms from OneDrive;
  • local roms library;
  • gamepad buttons mapping;

To start playing click on the emulator window, sign in OneDrive (only once at the start) and if all is OK click again to enable FULLSCREEN mode (gamepad input works only in fullscreen mode).

You should have a ROM file to play a game and upload it via OneDrive.

Use (A) to select item in menu and (B) to go back.

Press LB+RB to show game menu (save/load/reset).

Select MENU > USE BROWSING CONTROLS to show browser cursor.

If you want to support the emulator you can make a donation by clicking SUPPORT THIS GAME button.

If you want to be in touch follow me @nesboxcom


Universal Emulator in Widows Store

More information

Published82 days ago
StatusIn development
Tagsgameboy, NES, nesbox, sega, snes, xbox
Average durationAbout a half-hour
InputsXBox 360 controllers
Player count1 - 2
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer


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I can't even get roms to show up at all, and I've tried 3 different accounts. Just keeps saying "folder is empty" so this whole process does not work at all for me, if that answered anyone's questions about this emulator/websit

try to lowercase file extension .NES to .nes for example

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Thank you for creating this emulator, brings me great joy. I don't understand the button mapping for genesis and every SNES and NES game is cutoff on the bottom. Genesis games are perfect!

Which Network ports do I need open for use nesbox in my Xbox one?

the game Contra 3 Vs Contra: Hard Corps is having perfomance issues could you please fix it really want to play that game

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the save state and load state feature work for me, I don't know why other people are having issues

Also, would it be posible to get the joystick working for this, the d pad is good, but the joystick is better

save states works until you close your browser.

will add joystick support in next release


yes, joystick support, oh boy, can't wait, once I can I will support any patron or whatever you have, but I can't just yet

this is really interesting. how did you get this to work?

fix snes game street fighter alpha 2, this game is without image, only audio

When will we be able to save our game? The save/load state doesn't work, nor does the natural in-game save (it erases your save every time you stop playing). Nesbox is useless until this is fixed.

Don't know, don't have any time to investigate it and fix. Pls wait.

But it's been 2 months. How hard can it be to add a save feature for crying out loud? Again, this thing is a piece of crap if you can't even save your game


The emulator project is a hobby for me, working on it when have time and inspiration

Anyone know which pokemon games can run on this with no lag?

Bug in the emulator

I Cant see the button to open the onedrive

What do you see then?

are you guys almost done with fixing the save states and load states

are you guys done fixing the save states

I am absolutely LOVING this emulator, because all of my favorite systems are on it. But I have one slight problem. On my XBOX, I have three accounts, but only one loads the drive. Is it a problem with me, or the emulator? Thanks!

don't know, what do you see when try to load other two drives?

oh, it only says LOADING, PLEASE WAIT. and I waited like 30 mins and it's the same screen

Hi nesbox, I have the problem that evrytime I close the browser, all the roms get deleted and so does the save data. Please Help Me!!!!!! THANKS

hey nesbox, do you know any way to play ps1 on xbox online too?

don't know, sorry

PAL roms run too fast. can you fix that? :)

yes, it supports only NTSC roms

any reason when I download snes Roms the audio skips ? Any way to fix this issue? Appreciate it


love it, I have no issue wit it, i would prefer using the joystick, but the dpad is also good


no meu não esta aparecendo os jogos

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