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Thank you. You are the best!!!!!!!!!!

When im add a rom game and press menu on xbox one pad, I don't have a Use Game Controls


go to the Edge settings and make it so it shows Mobile versions of the page. I had the same problem and this fixed it


I just donated $10 I hope this becomes a big thing and I hope the emulators will run better in the future but so far this is really awesome!! And I was also wondering if you can make an n64, ps1, and sega saturn one for this or do you not work on those??

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I seem to be having trouble. Sometimes after loading a file from OneDrive, the controller is not picked up on the emulator and i have to close Edge a few times to get it to read again. Also, sometimes after using browsing controls, i can't go back to game controls. i think thats why the emulator doesn't recognize my controller, it gets stuck in browsing mode


press start then go to settings make shore website cookies is checked and use webpage formatted for mobile is checked

It finally started working properly. I think it was my One Drive still trying to load all the gamefiles but im glad its working now


I made a quick tutorial on using NESBox on Xbox One for those needing help:


great tutorial, helped a lot

thank you guys alot for this i can belive this is happening you guys ill add control configuration

how to add a second player?

Here is a bug that after i choose the game, the emulator goes to a black screen and doesnt start the game. It happens all the time. How to fix this?


try this

or this

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This is so awesome! Thanks so much for putting it together! Ever since I bought my console I've been looking for a way to play my good old 16bit games on it and now I can thanks to you! I read all the comments so I will not bother you with bugs that have already been reported, so here's my experience thus far

- All Genesis/Mega Drive games have a fps problem which could be due my poor internet connection:

  • Sonic and Knuckles & Sonic 3.bin
  • Sonic The Hedgehog.bin
  • sonic_the_hedgehog_lost_worlds.bin

- SNES games seems to run pretty smoothly, although had some fps slowdowns with Donkey Kong Country, but nothing major as it was with Genesis games. Tried Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV too and it runs almost as perfectly as it would in the original hardware, that one blew my mind really, just some very little audio bugs on a otherwise perfect experience:

  • Donkey Kong Country (U) (V1.2) [!].and
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV - Turtles in Time (USA).smc

Once again thank you so much for making this possible, I'll make a donation as soon as I can because you really deserve it! Greetings from Brazil!

Thank you!

Awesome work! Looking forward to progression being made in the future! I've just had a quick go on a couple of Mega Drives games. (Sega did what nintendon't!) so here are my feedback based on my experience with these favourite games of mine.

Road Rash 2:

  • Game runs fine, occasional slowdown but only last a second or so
  • Audio sounds very slowed down and stutters when there is a lot happening on screen
Streets of Rage/Bare Knuckles:
  • Game runs fine, Notice slow down on visuals such as neon signs on buildings in backgrounds
  • Same audio issues with Road Rash 2
I'm guessing the audio issues could be down to the emulator.

I'd also love to see controller mapping, save states and multiplayer support added in the future. So far, LOVE what I'm seeing and do hope you carry on with development! I'm gonna send £10 your way. It's all I can afford for a time being but I'd love to see this project carry on!

P.S. Get Sega Mega CD support added, I want to play some Snatcher!

Thank you!

Hit you up with $10 for the great work. Keep it up!

I can confirm that Zelda, Link to the Past works!

Looking forward to where this thing goes!


irei realizar um doação pois o trabalho de vocês está ótimo!!!! Pelo curto prazo está ótimo!!!

Man, tks for wonderful Works !!! Good very!!!

Dude, awesome work. Thanks for that. But we need a way to save the progress. I really wanna finish super mario again.

Good Job!

I can't play with a second player, is it possible?

Currently Playing Chrono Trigger (SNES) And It Runs Perfectly.

hay cool emu on xbox one buy have som problem in controller remapping you must put like original snns=xbox A=B; X=Y; B=A and Y=X the bottons are inverted soy makes some dificultos game that you can remap de buttons in game

I'm going to add buttons mapping

Support .zip ?? :( :( :(

not yet, it's just prototype

pokemon smerald version does not work

yes, problem with GBA module

pokemon no run

I got the W10 version of nesbox, figured I would try another emulator to see how cool it is, and I have a few questions. Where are the roms located, the Public Domain ones ? I found C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Packages\50446Nesbox.16735B73F29AD_8y3dwps6jawp4 but the PD roms are not there. Also I loaded a rom I own and it stays on that starting screen as well. Is it just a link to the original location of the rom, or does it make another copy where I can't see (along with the PD roms I mentioned above) ?

Built-in roms are located here: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\50446Nesbox.16735B73F29AD_1.1.1.0_x64__8y3dwps6jawp4\Assets\Roms

I noticed that the emulator also makes a second (redundant) copy of the roms you load inside one of the folders I mentioned above, along with the save state (if you make one) and original SRAM save of the game, not using the original location of the ROM. No need to duplicate it, this is something that should be fixed, adding paths to roms you already have located somewhere else instead.

In the future we will be able to load the ROM by pendrive?

X1 Edge browser doesn't allow to upload files from file system (pendrive)


A big hello from Brazil! Thanks for the opportunity.



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Street Fighter Alpha 2 for SNES doesn't work properly. Audio runs fine, just the image can't be rendered.

Edit: Not complaining! Just wanted to help.

Thank you for the bug report!

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All .gba files.

Bionicle Tale of the Matoran: No (I love this game, please get it to work)

Donkey Kong Country (GBA): No

Zelda Minish Cap: No

LotR-Followship of the Ring: No

Metroid Zero Mission: No

None of my favorites are working :(

Thank you for the bug report.

Yes there is problem with GBA module, will try to fix.

Sonic 1 - Working but sometimes slow.

more games

Starfox runs, but slow. Can't complain :) Will donate!

Great job! Playing Chrono Trigger on my XB1 as I type!

Tested out Smash Tennis (Smash Tennis (E) [!].smc), and it has some speed issues at some points, but other games i tested out worked great!

Hopefully saving, and multiplayer comes soon! Cant wait to play some 5 player bomberman :)

Thanks :)


Only tested some Donkey Kongs games i missed from SNES.

Some frame-rate problems in some parts but, man, I loved to play these games on my XB1.

Thank you so much for doing that.

Donate $1 dollar from Brazil to the cause and to keep the good work.


can't seem to get any roms to show once I add them from onedrive, goes back to screen saying to add roms. All roms are unzipped with correct filetypes. Havnt got any to show yet on xboxone.

I'm on Xbox preview program if that makes any difference. Same roms show on laptop when visiting this site so not sure what the problem is.

Any advise?

Hmm, don't know now. Could you pls go to with your xbox browser and send me report to


I've sent a copy of the report from my Xbox one, thank

Awesome work! For NES ROMS, it would be nice if I could map 'B' to the 'X' button on the Xbox controller because muscle memory remembers that the 'B' button is to the left of the 'A' button on the NES controller. My first test was Tecmo Super Bowl and I kept running, when I meant to pass.


buttons remaping will be added.

Cool...donated then! :)

Ronaldo 97 - SNES - Perfect!

Super BomberMan 2 - SNES - Perfect!

Top Gear 2 - SNES - Perfect!

GTA Advance - GBA - No.

Mario Kart - GBA - No.

Great work!

Thanks for words and report!

Great work man. Thank you for your work.. I will donate when I get home tonight.

Thanks :)

Hi, i can "install" rom on your nesbox. But my controller does not seem to work. I cant start or switch room oln the menu. thx for help

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maybe this helps you

thx for reply. my controller is in the right mode. i read the description before comming disturbed 🙂

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I'm having the same problem. No even switching games on the start menu work on my controller.

Update: Turns out I had my 2 controllers on and only one of them was working

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3 pad, no one work 😢

i dont understand. Im on preview program, may be...

realy Great work, it will be save my game Status?

thanks, yes it will, in future

and when? playing kirby 's adventure and want to save progress .

it's just a prototype, not complete application.

Please wait, maybe on next week...

great thx for anser

Super Mario All stars + Super Mario World works perfectly so far.

Great work and thanks buddy.

Any chance we could remap buttons? I'm used to the normal jump being on A and the spin jump on B.

Thanks, will do

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Did a lot of testing for all the platforms, all games are (USA) region

NES - I tested all of the following NES games and they all seemed to work well, I'm not sure if Nesbox has save support in browser yet but there isn't any in Zelda. All of these were .NES files

- Castlevania, Contra , Legend of Zelda, The , Mega Man 2 , Metroid , Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3

GB/C - The Gameboy/Color had some issues with all 3 tested games cutting to black about a second or two into the intro with distorted audio. All of these were .gb or .gbc files

- Legend of Zelda, The - Oracle of Ages, Pokemon - Crystal Version, Pokemon - Red Version

SNES - The Snes seems to not want to boot at all with all 7 games leading to a black screen on boot. All were .SFC files

EDIT : All of the 7 snes games I listed below DO work after switching the file type from .sfc to .smc. It looks like all of the games run flawlessly with audio however it doesn't look like the saving works here either.

- Chrono Trigger, Donkey Kong Country, EarthBound, Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past, Megaman X ,Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World, Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi's Island

GBA - All the following games seem to cut to black after about 1 second of the intro with no sound. All were .GBA files

- Metroid: Fusion, Mario and Luigi, Superstar Saga, Metroid - Zero Mission, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, Kingdom Hearts- Chain of Memories, Legend of Zelda - Minish Cap, The

Thanks for the detailed bug report.

No problem I appreciate the work you've put into this project :)

I had the same problem and it worked when I used the smc format. I am using a Xbox One on preview mode. Still can't find a way to manually convert sfc to smc but thankls for your work.

also, try to use .smc instead .sfc, or try to rename extension

Switching the file name from SFC to SMC worked wonderfully. I'll edit my post to reflect so, If i want to wipe the games saved into the emulator would clearing the cache in edge do it?

yes, I'll add library managing later


Metroid and Mario for NES working.


GB: Mario Land 1 (crashes after few seconds)

GB: Wario Land (crashes when chosing save/after few seconds)

GBC: Legend of Zelda Link's awakening (after few seconds)

Sega: Sonic 1 - not loading anything

SNES: Doneky kong country - not loading anything

SNES: Aladin - not loading anything

ok, thanks for the bug report

could you please provide full rom names with extension? Thanks.

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