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please help it is so slow on my xbox one

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It keeps saying folder is empty!!! it isn't the first time, refreshing used to solve it but it isn't working any more.

hmm its any easy way to back to emu menu? and mute starting sound lol.n64 support will be nice 

finally got it working using a chromebook and an xbox1 app called Best Player & TV

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doesn't work on xbox 360

I used this guys instructions still no luck

always says folder is empty

can it play nds

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It plays  .nes .smc .sfc .gen .smd .mb .bin .gba .gbc .gb; so um "Can it play ".nds"  ummm I'm think NO IT CAN'T, read what it plays before posting please.  Or not yet anyway.

plans to add support for coprocesors chips for nes (ex: audio in castlevania jp)

Does the save feature work for .gba or .gbc games?

I am trying to save in Pokemon Silver which is a .gbc game and it doesn't seem to work 

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For people wondering.....

Press and hold LB and RB at the same time and a new window will appear

There you will be able to save the state

When you refresh the page, and start the emulator again it will ask if you want to continue and it will load from the saved state

*** One Important thing to note is that save state will stop "working" after about an hour of play***

Meaning, be careful about trusting the save state as I lost 2 hours worth of gameplay becuase I didn't re-load 

Do you want to add other consoles to this NesBox? Thx :)

Not going to add other consoles, sorry.

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can you tell us if there is any progress ?

Be nice if they added ps4 lol

how do i get roms

its illegal to download roms. It really sucks u don't any COOLROMS; or any DOPEROMS




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When will we get Version 5 ?

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This works great if it were not for 1 issue. When you play some of these games such as Super Mario the keys should be changed for better gameplay and comfort. Can you please write this so that you can config the keys to your liking? Or can you right them so that nes games keys are X=A and A=B. And for the SNES needs to be A=B, B=A, X=Y, Y=X. Me and many of other retro gamers that I know all agree on this matter. All thought This is a GREAT Emulation set up this is the only issue. Thank you for your work on this and please do not take this in a attack in any way. I just really hope that you can make the changes or have it set up for key config. Thank you.

u can change it lol

How can you change the keys?

Go to game pad setup and change them by clicking the button you want for the game

it stop working? I've playing yesterday but now doesn't want to run ,i delete browsing history and one drive folder but nothing results.

i liked when it was working nice job👍

Amazing emulator that plays all of my favorites with no problems while playing. There is one problem I have ran into though. My save files will revert back to a previous save file after so many reloads or not playing for a while. Also, if the devs could put in multiple save spaces that would be great. Thank you for all of your hard work on this great emulator!


I will absolutely be supporting this emulator every chance i get. 2 requests tho, sometimes my save file will resort to a previous save file randomly. Please fix!!! 2, the weird crackling sound in the beginning.


im having trouble saving anything on super mario kart...each time i save and i go in and load my save state it goes back to the beggining...from all my roms this one is the only one i see doing it...also once i save were would i delete the save if i wanted?

The sound is crackling. I've used all my ROMs on other emulators, so I know it's not them.

have you given up ???

i cant see the menu screen, its all blank, why is this?

have you given up ???

it dowsn't work. i just click on the emulator window and there's nothing happens((((((

fix golden axe 2 genesis shinobi 3 genesis and thunder force 4 genesis also...thanks.Adriano Lustosa.

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