TIC-80 0.60.0 in Beta test


version 0.60.0-dev (https://github.com/nesbox/TIC-80/milestone/22?closed=1)

  • added optimisations for main render function and some draw API, like draw sprcirc and tri, now they > 2x faster (by @jahodfra)
  • added special Overlap Mode (OVR), it allows you to do things like this:
    ... here I draw BG in TIC() function and change palette and screen offset in scanline() callback, then I draw Ship sprite in OVR() function as though it will be on a separate layer
  • added -skip command line option to run TIC without startup animation
  • added -fullscreen command line option to run in Fullscreen
  • added shadow variable to the Config to hide shadow in the Code Editor
  • you can exit infinite loop in Lua and JS by pressing ESC now
  • added reset() API, to restore your game to initial state
  • syntax highlighter in the Code Editor was totally rewritten and works 100x faster now
  • [PRO feature] added Bank Switching, for people who want to create a really big game, you can switch between 8 banks in Runtime using sync() API, you can do it only one time per frame for tiles, sprites, map, sfx, music, info here https://github.com/nesbox/TIC-80/wiki/sync#parameters
  • fixed keyboard focus on Android
  • fixed selected deletion in Sprite Editor (by @frenetic)
  • Sprite and Map editors render in OVR mode now (UI is not changed at all if change palette)
  • added random generator pre-seeding on every game start
  • and other minor fixes...

Thanks for contributions:

and others, for the bug reports!


tic80_0.60.0-beta.apk 5 MB
Dec 24, 2017
tic80_0.60.0-beta.dmg 2 MB
Dec 24, 2017
tic80_0.60.0-beta.zip 1 MB
Dec 24, 2017
tic80_32bit_0.60.0-beta.tar.gz 1 MB
Dec 24, 2017
tic80_64bit_0.60.0-beta.tar.gz 1 MB
Dec 24, 2017
tic80_chip_0.60.0-beta.tar.gz 1 MB
Dec 24, 2017
tic80_pro_0.60.0-beta.apk 5 MB
Dec 24, 2017
tic80_pro_0.60.0-beta.dmg 2 MB
Dec 24, 2017
tic80_pro_0.60.0-beta.zip 1 MB
Dec 24, 2017
tic80_pro_32bit_0.60.0-beta.tar.gz 1 MB
Dec 24, 2017
tic80_pro_64bit_0.60.0-beta.tar.gz 1 MB
Dec 24, 2017

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