Relesed TIC-80 0.50.0


version 0.50.0 (


  • you can define cart storage directory as first parameter in command line, tic80 . will use current directory as storage, tic80 ../path/to/cart.tic will use ../path/to/ as storage and load cart.tic
  • added PRO version of TIC, you can get it here for $5, or build yourself using make linux-pro for example
  • added text version of carts and you can edit it in any editor, use 'save cart.lua' to get text version of your cart [PRO feature]
  • optimised spr() function performance (got 20000 points in benchmark, 13000 was before)
  • tic renamed to tic80
  • sync() api has new direction parameter, true -> sync from RAM to cart, false -> sync from cart to RAM (useful to restore cart data in the RAM)
  • you can paste sigle color value in the palette editor
  • added benchmark.tic cart to demos
  • run tic80 -surf to start in SURF mode
  • run tic80 -nosound to start in silent mode
  • makefile flags to build with LTO (link time optimisation)
  • added 1px shadow to text in the Code Editor
  • updated makefile to build on any version of Linux (Arch/RPi/...)
  • added edit command to show editors
  • added version command
  • added RETINA support on MacOSX


  • pix() api color bounds
  • warning message emits a tone on unsaved cart
  • sprites export with wrong palette
  • scanline position and border, all render to one texture 256x144px
  • fixed live reload
  • fixed some crashes
  • removed some compilation warnings


  • dofile() is deprecated, you can use text version of carts instead

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Nov 24, 2017
tic_0.50.0.apk 5 MB
Nov 24, 2017
tic80_0.50.0.dmg 2 MB
Nov 24, 2017 1 MB
Nov 24, 2017
tic80_32bit_0.50.0.tar.gz 1 MB
Nov 24, 2017
tic80_64bit_0.50.0.tar.gz 1 MB
Nov 24, 2017
tic80_chip_0.50.0.tar.gz 1 MB
Nov 24, 2017
tic80_pro_0.50.0.dmg 2 MB
Nov 24, 2017 1 MB
Nov 24, 2017
tic80_pro_32bit_0.50.0.tar.gz.tar.gz 1 MB
Nov 24, 2017
tic80_pro_64bit_0.50.0.tar.gz 1 MB
Nov 24, 2017

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