Released TIC-80 v0.90.1706

CHANGELOG v0.90.1706

Added text selection/copy/paste to the console


A cart can be saved and distributes as a PNG image, use save game.png command.

TIC-80 can work like a compiler without UI with --cli command line parameter, for example here we load game.tic cart from current dir (use --fs .) and export it as game.exe executable for Windows:

$ ./tic80 --cli --fs . --cmd "load game.tic & export win game.exe & exit"  cart game.tic loaded! use RUN command to run it  GET /export/0.90/win [100%]  game.exe exported :)

Also, games can be exported without access to the editors with alone=1 flag (PRO feature)
export linux game.exe alone=1

The help command was redesigned and you can get info about spec/ram/api/command/...

>help  usage: help [<text>|version|welcome| spec|ram|vram|commands|api|startup| terms|license]  >help api API functions: OVR SCN TIC btn btnp circ circb clip  cls elli ellib exit fget font fset key  keyp line map memcpy memset mget mouse  mset music peek peek4 pix pmem poke  poke4 print rect rectb reset sfx spr  sync textri time trace tri trib tstamp  >help sync ---=== API ===--- sync(mask=0 bank=0 tocart=false)  The pro version of TIC-80 contains 8  memory banks. To switch between these banks, sync can  be used to either load contents from a  memory bank to runtime, or save  contents from the active runtime to a  bank. The function can only be called once  per frame.If you have manipulated the  runtime memory (e.g. by using mset),  you can reset the active state by  calling sync(0,0,false). This resets the whole runtime memory to  the contents of bank 0.Note that sync  is not used to load code from banks;  this is done automatically. 

Another useful thing you can export whole help info in Markdown format, use command export help

Added mouse capture functionality to receive relative values instead of the current cursor position (useful in first-person 3D games), the cursor is hidden and this mode. To enable this mode pls use poke(0x7FC3F,1,1) command.
Small example with enabling the relative mode:

function flip(val)return val>0 and 0 or 1 end  function TIC() 	if btnp(4)then  		poke(0x7FC3F,flip(peek(0x7FC3F,1)),1) 	end	 		 	cls() 	local x,y=mouse() 	print(x..":"..y) end

Added baremetal/rpi/3ds builds to Github Actions and all the Nightly Builds can be downloaded here

Now you can change bit mode in the map editor

On Android, you can switch between the system keyboard and TIC-80 internal keyboard
Hardware keyboard now detects automatically.

More info here


tic80-v0.90-android.apk 6 MB
Jul 16, 2021 2 MB
Jul 16, 2021 1 MB
Jul 16, 2021
tic80-v0.90-mac.dmg 1 MB
Jul 16, 2021 797 kB
Jul 16, 2021
tic80-v0.90-rpi.deb 2 MB
Jul 16, 2021 Play in browser
Jul 16, 2021 1 MB
Jul 16, 2021 1 MB
Jul 16, 2021
tic80-v0.90-mac-pro.dmg 1 MB
Jul 16, 2021 1 MB
Jul 16, 2021

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You can download  tic80-v0.90-winxp here

now I get the same error when I try to launch exported .exe file

hmm, it's a problem, pls create an issue on github