Released TIC-80 tiny computer 0.70.1


version 0.70.1 (


  • added own touch keyboard on Android
  • added alternative tiny font, you can use it in the Code Editor or in the API
  • added Wren language support (thank you @RudenkoArts)
  • added Fennel language support (thank you @technomancy)
  • added eval command (thank you @technomancy)
  • added CRT monitor effect, use F6 to enable/disable it (works on every platform supported OpenGL)
  • removed VSYNC support, using delay instead, so TIC should work on monitors > 60Hz without sound desync
  • added stack trace on an error (thank you @jahodfra)
  • fixed selection flipping in the Sprite Editor (thank you @frenetic)
  • use CTRL+PGUP/PGDN to switch modes (thank you @technomancy)
  • added Quit TIC-80 to the game menu
  • added -uiscale command line argument (UI_SCALE in the config)
  • added menu to script (thank you @matimati433)
  • added Travis Continuous Integration service
  • fixed UV errors, clipping and some improvements in textri api (thank you @Nullious)
  • fixed error on startup in Firefox
  • SDL2 lib extracted as a separated entity

you can review full changelog here

Thanks all for the support and Pull Requests.

I hope next update will be released earlier than a half year :)

Files Play in browser
Aug 12, 2018 2 MB
Aug 12, 2018
tic80_64bit_0.70.1.tar.gz 4 MB
Aug 12, 2018
tic80_0.70.1.dmg 2.9 MB
Aug 12, 2018
tic80_0.70.1.apk 6.6 MB
Aug 12, 2018 2 MB
Aug 12, 2018
tic80_pro_64bit_0.70.1.tar.gz 4 MB
Aug 12, 2018
tic80_pro_0.70.1.dmg 2.9 MB
Aug 12, 2018
tic80_pro_0.70.1.apk 6.6 MB
Aug 12, 2018

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Great! Now is more perfect.