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hello I am from Germany, thank you for this great emulator!

I have problems with: contra 3 snes (usa): If I LT and RT simultaneously push! it close all EDGE Tabs/windows

Castlevania 4 snes (eu): the speed is too high, please fix. I do not know if all PAL games are affected.

and the key assignment is different for German or PAL players.

Sry for My Google english :P

se puede guardar partidas aun que apague la consola???

xbox one

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Si, si se puede. Una vez que has incluido tu romdesde one drive queda en la librería local.

pero es que se borran alguna idea de por que sera :(

Hay alguien aqui que comenta que le pasa lo mismo. Lo solucionó apagando completamente la consola (incluso desconectando del cable de energia) y volviendo a encender. Dice que una vez hecho eso le aparecen todos sus juegos y partidas guardadas. Inténtalo, a ver si es tu caso. A mi no me ha pasado, pero yo tengo la consola todo el tiempo con ahorro de energia, es decir, siempre hace un inicio largo cada vez que enciendo. Saludos, espero te sirva!

mil gracias si era apagarlo ;)

ahora a terminar mario rpg hehe

Que bien!

I've been tyring to play games on this a week ago and can't get a single rom to work. Is there a certain site where i go to get them?

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unzip the roms. And check the file extensions.

it's like you people don't even bother trying to read any of the info on this page

galera do brasil o meu ta lento GBA e so omeu ou de todo mundo ?? xbox one

Tenho um amigo que disse que esta com mesmo problema com o GBA! Ele falou que esta lento na hora da batalha no Pokemon, vou baixar para ter certeza. Todos os jogos de SNES que eu testei esta rodando muito bem.

Congratulations to the developers of this emulator !!! I have a doubt, is that if someday you will put Nintendo 64 and Playstation 1? It would be very cool! sorry my english :'(

amazing work.great have put local multiplayer, put in some games like Super Mario World, the buttons are reversed preventing running and jumping, Cuz the buttons that make this command would be the "X" and "A" but in the emulator that the "X" and "B", then it is difficult to play.

amazing work. Some taxing games are slow like yoshis island, sonic 3 and gba games. Hope you can sort this out. Is it possible to add 50% scanlines+blur and other filters?

gba games do not work properly :(. Hopefully this is fixed soon!

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Nes games not working anymore. It says folder is empty...

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Sorry if it's a little bit confusing, I am updating while I am discovering some bugs or how to solve them, and sorry if you don't understand something, English ain't my native language...

Man, I am having an weird bug, there's some games in the ROM LIBRARY, and if I turn off xbox, which is on fast boot mode, and turn it on after, the games are gone, only reappearing when i do a hard reset...

I am in preview program...

PS. And there's one more, in some moment I added a few games, but for some reason now if I add a game and close the emulators page, the game disappears from the list..

PS 2 The save states are not working after you close Edge...

Edit: I've made a few tests, if you clean Edge cache and right after make a hard reset (don't know if hard reset is needed) add a game, add a save state, close edge and reopen it, you can load the save, but the problem of the roms disappearing after turning the Xbox off, and they just reappearing after hard reset continues

Edit2: Adding new ROMS working again too after cleaning cache and hard resetting

PS3 If you open save menu and press a or b, it inputs on game after closing save men

i have the same problem, roms and save stats disapper

English: Just remove the xbox fast-boot and power cycle the Xbox that everything returns to normal. Português: É só retirar o xbox da inicialização rapida e desligar e ligar o xbox que tudo volta ao normal

you deserve an Oscar trophy is very good this emulator

The Version 2 is Amazing! Congratulations

Aos amigos brasileiros que nao leram a descricao, agora da pra usar o save state apertando LB e RB ao msm tempo! Esse emulador eh demais e esta ainda melhor

vlw !!! eu n sabia to testando hoje mas ta lento to jogando castlevania do GBA (XBOX ONE)

Psé cara, GBA ainda não funciona tão bem mas devem arrumar em breve \o

estou com um problema com os save states, mesmo apertando RB e LB ao mesmo tempo não aparece o menu, alguém saberia o que devo fazer ?

I am a Korean. You admired the technology.

The xbox one to run the emulator bought back.

But I want the game does not run.

I want to play Dungeons & Dragons Shadow 2 Mystara. I want to run this game.

It will be able to wait for updates?

I love this emulator,good job everything works perfect except gba.the urbz sims in the city runs very slow but nes,snes,gbc that I've tried are excellent work, sorry for my english,and greetings from chile!

oh my holly GOD!!!You are the best!! the version 2 is incredible

parabens friend you really deserve to be recognized was very good show GREETINGS here from Brazil

hey ho... thx for this!

nes, snes, megadrive works! important is to look on the fileendings of the roms!!

.smc (Super Nintendo)
.nes (NES)
.gba (Game Boy Advance)
.gbc (Game Boy Color)
.gb (Game Boy)
.gen (Sega Genesis)
.bin (Sega Genesis)
.smd (sega Genesis)

are supported files... (rename is a option.. 😉)

now will i hope the update will fix the trouble with the boys... (gb, gba, gbc not work for me, the game starts but freeze)

2 player mode is possible now?

n64 support will come?

my suggestion is to add more file support for the roms, this will fix for many people easy the problems...


it amazes me how many people do not read the comments or info for help and keep posting the same comments

If game control doesn't show up for you, set your browser to mobile


parabens amigo pelo trabalho a muito tempo que esperava alguem fazer isso e voce conseguiu voce e um genio saudaçoes do Brasil

ei vei , o meu fica lento no seu tambem ??? xbox one

awesome work congrats

HI, Thx fot this Amazing Job You have done!

I have a problem, I only can play nes games, but gameboy color or even the snes wont work for me, only the nes :(. Help!!

yes, there are problems, all works fine in next version, pls wait

It is not working in my browser :/

The javascript does not support importing files

It works only on XBox One Edge browser

Yes, not work in my Edge


Erro JavaScript

Linha:21, caractere: 21

Object doesn't sipport property or method 'pickOneDrive'


JavaScript crash my browser in other pages too

anyway we can get you to add a remove button for the roms we dont want or that didnt work and are you trying again to make this an app or game on the store?

agora só falta emulador de wii

i cant switch to the control to play

Not working for me. I tried GB games and genesis games and it wont work. I also can't move the control (controller enabled)after the emulator starts. You can't select any rom. After several refreshes i could use the control and started SM3 on NES but after the title screen yo can't select to start the game :(

thanks for the bug report

If you have problems with the controller not working: Remember if you have a guitar hero usb device plugged in, this counts as controller even when there is no guitar connected right now. Just unplug the device and it should work.

I loved this emulator! I've played FZero, Castlevania, Sonic 3, Top Gear 2, UMK3... but now the emulator seems to be broken, the controller doesn't responds, only shows the cursor of the Xbox's browser. :/ Nice work bro, congratulations!! :)

Press start or menu, click on use the game control (or something like this) button, I remember it was the third button, when you press start

Press start or menu, click on use the game control (or something like this) button, I remember it was the third button, when you press start

this is just crazy awesome so far I've gotten NES,GEN and SNES games to work,

but i am having troubles with GB and GBA will come on for a moment then i'll get a black screen.

also would like to ask has anyone got the 6 pak on sega genesis to work, it reads the rom but the emulator says the games is to be used on a NTSC SEGA GENESIS.

How do I get games to play?

try to find rom files over the Internet

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I'm not getting to play. When I switch to game control option and the arrows or the buttons do not respond to the command.

now my roms wont show & get error when try to add again

Trying several roms. Now controls not responding at all. Maybe coz number of roms loaded more than 24?

yes, you can add only 24 roms, it's prototype

And for now there is no opportunity to erase library? Yes?

only by clearing browser's cache

Ok thx.👍

Trying on my XB1. I've connected my OneDrive. At first I uploaded just Double Dragon for NES. It would load the start screen for Double Dragon, but wouldn't go any further. I then uploaded Super Mario Bros 3 for NES and Pirates Gold smd. When I go to the nesbox page on my XB1, it shows the games on my list, I just cannot select any of the games now. I have it in controller mode. It wont take any of the controller inputs now.

Actually, I figured it out. You have to make sure browser controls are showing before the list of ROMs show. If you have it on game control first, it wont recognize it. It takes some playing around to get it right.

I also got Double Dragon to work. But, the controls are messed up. You have to press both A and B to jump, and you can't jump kick. Double tapping the D pad doesn't let you run either.

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Why not sega master system? .sms

Thank you fo this awesome application. So miss for games from the dawn of consoles.Run Mega Drive rom Weaponlord. Works almost perfect. Little problem with controls. Ingame C button dosnt work. B button duplicates by RB. LT not usable.

Only Nes games work for me...SNES GB Genesis and GBA dont respond

so you should think of supporting the files that actually come with the downloading of roms like .sfc, .md, etc download a rom from each allowed system within this nesbox and you'll see the file that comes up are not those listed in discription

SFC is one of the least rom types used, SFC stands for super famicon, i dunno where you get your stuff from but all my files are exactly as specified by the creator

actually ive gotten a few sfc downloads but there from emuparadise i now search by specified file for the games and change name title to add new games after the initial 24 slots are filled

How can I not delete the loaded list of games?


2600 emulator would be possible?

i loved your work and i'll donate soon

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