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see in youtube



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anybody wondering how to install roms dont waste your time this emulator has gone from a convenient way of playing classic games on a console to a laggy piece of shit used to love this but now fuck no avoid at all cost

can't save data and load data will this be fixed soon?


how do you get the roms

where to find .nes?

ola q ta

oi tudo bem 

mano funfa no meu xbox 360 o site fica fora de ar como tivesse nao pagado a host

Really appreciate all the work you've put into this, it's the greatest thing.  However, I agree with the previous comments - this version stutters far too much to be usable for most games.   Just looking for any information on whether there are plans for this issue to be fixed.  I'm sure people wouldn't mind donating or helping out however they can to get it going again :)  Thanks!


I cant seem to get any games working on my webpage. it loads but goes to a black screen after clicking play game. tried it with 3 different games for 2 different consoles (GBA and NES)

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Version linked above is slow & completely unplayable. Embedded version is much better but noticable input lag makes any game involving reflexs unplayable (smb1 for nes in my case). Never noticed input lag before, I really hope this can be fixed as NESbox is absolute gem, tragicif we lost it.  BTW I'm in preview ring beta - also in the OneDrive beta

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I've been playing NEBOX over a year now but something happened today. it won't let me go to the nesbox menu

Hi been playing nesbox for just over a week now and have uploaded all my roms to onedrive but when I try to load a game they don't all show up anyone any idea why?

you know what sum one should do an emulator for xbox one with ps2 and game cube games

how do i get 2 player local on xbox one nesbox

Please fix this emulator!!!!!! It worked great before the fall xbox 1 update!


yeah, acting slow for me too. Shame. Never got to finish chrono trigger. 

at least take the emulator down if you aint going to improve it as it is now it aint working at all 

The Nesbox its slow 😢😢😢

The Nesbox Embed also😢😢😢 Please fix this. i need to play Mario🎮🎮🎮

Some people reported that it slow on insider preview alpha ring, do you on the Insider Preview?


It´s lagging even using after the fall update on FAT xbox one =(

how to download the roms mine wont download

Its slow for ever game i play. Its lagging or something. Before the site changed only gameboy games lagged, now everything does. Please fix it.

It was very good.


I cnt get my roms to download

What buttons do I press now to get to the pause screen so I can save states?

esta lento 😢  slow


could you pls check the emulator here, is it slow too?

(+1) is not slow at all. Works perfectly :)

yes thank you very much. fast 🙂👍

its slow

could you pls check the emulator here, is it slow too?

Deleted 6 years ago

could you pls check the emulator here, is it slow too?

it seems the ads made the emulator totally slow

Ours was very slow now on the new page

Hey, i keep having problems with my saves. Im playing Super Metroid but the problem is that when ever i leave it keeps loading and old like hell save piont, is there anyway that i can fix that?

The emulator was slowed down on Xbox One after the last dash update or update of the emulator version. The menus are slow, all games run too slow. What can it be?

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Is anyone else having lagging problems? Maybe it's my xbox but lately it has been lagging sometimes. I haven't ran nes box in a few months, but lately not so good. Probably on my end. Anyone have any tips?


First, great job!  The emulator quality is the best.  I recommend changing the default mapping for A/B and X/Y buttons as they are reversed. (Yes, I changed my mapping, but recommending as convenience for others.)

A -> B

B -> A

X -> Y

Y -> X

omg the best does it acually work  on xbox if so donations will come

one of the best alternatives would be full screen multiples rescues and being able to improve the graphics a little would be great greetings. from brazil

Plz fix it or update it  to the next version and make people happy.

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