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tell what to do to get and download roms 

about to check it out

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o emulador de gba esta travando

Hey mine cuts off on the bottom on Xbox one s. I can't figure out how to fix it and some games are unplayable without seeing the bottom of the screen

uncheck "apps can add a border" in xbox display settings.  

okay awesome that worked, but now I can't figure out how to save games. I read somewhere to press start and select at the same time but it's not working. 

yeah, you press RB and LB, which is mapped as start and select. It doesnt save always for me so i check on my one drive for file update everytime i save so i dont lose progress. almost like it log outs me from onedrive and need to refresh. works so far

Dude, I love you! I spent hours yesterday trying to figure out save!

alguem sabe como trocar/tirar a conta do One Drive para por outra?

How do I change the One Drive account I'm going to use in Nesbox?

Only the directional pad, start, select and A and B, but X, Y, L and R are not working regardless of remapping. What can I do?


Was wondering if there is a way to exit fullscreens without losing controls. They won't work after I exit full screen. Also if I switch to browser controllers and back I can't play anymore either 

Great work so far! Having the issue with the bottom of the screen cut off in some games



how to download


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para com problemas 

se eu aperto o botao B volta a tela

se aperto select ele abre uma barra 

alguem me da uma forca ai

Baixa um aplicativo chamado ''Internet Browser'' desativa uma opção chamada ''Use hotkes'' e ativa o segundo quadrado

When will the update be issued to fix the Edge B button problem? Is there a temporary fix I can use?  Can't wait to play again, Great work!!

Hi I cant get nesbox to work on onedrive for xbox. I tryed for 3 hours downloading roms and not one worked. I think xbox and microsoft stopped the emulator from working. Is there a special site just to download working roms for this emulator or is this done working? 

Deleted 6 years ago

the Microsoft Edge update has made Nesbox unusable. Hope it can be fixed, please let us know.


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yes this is happening for me as well. I tried the other browser on the store as well and it works but the left bumber makes you leave the page and the y button brings up the url box

There was an update to Microsoft Edge and now the B button takes you back a page instead of functioning in the game like it should (and used to). Is there anything that can be done to resolve this?

When i press the B button comes out of the emulator, what i make?

Disclaimer: To all people who wanna use their phone to do this, you cannot use zip files you would have to extract the files first with a file manager then share them to your onedrive and after that you will be able to play them and won't get the "no files found" screen.

No funciona bien! Cuando se abren los juegos luego no reconoce el mando ni los botones.  No se puede hacer nada de nada!


The emulator starts but it just says my folder is empty? So my question is how do I get the roms play? Thanks for any help.

hola  me podrian ayudar cuando inicia el juego no funciona el control (ya cheque botones y active el control) 


I Love this EMULATOR PLAYER But Pls Fix The Lagging THANKS

work xbox 360 ?


When i go to the button that is supposed to say "Add Roms from onedrive" simply isnt there. Can anyone help me with this?

Sega Genesis games run with a slowdown. I tried every browser that I found on the marketplace as well as the embed version. Other consoles seem to run just fine

can you make a ps1 in the emulator but it is your decision 

I know others are also having this problem, but the gba emulator is running at about 80% speed on the xbox browser and i was wondering if there is something i can do to speed this up? Maybe you could add a fast forward option in the emulator that doubles the speed?? Id rather play too fast than too slow

I agree





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