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hey I just recently started using Nesbox and the only problem is I can save my state but for some reason it doesn’t always work. I’ve tried saving in game and my state but every time I get back on my Xbox it just doesn’t work. Anyone having the same problem??

Xbox one emulator is computer software that functions as Xbox one gaming console, for instance, iPadian which iOS emulator. An Xbox one Emulator is a very sophisticated computer software, that pretends like an Xbox one gaming console.

Hello there,  could anyone help me figure out how to save on a pokemon game? I'm playing on xbox one on the embedded version and I have zero clue how to save or even get to a save menu. From what I'm seeing, you're supposed to press start and select, but once I do that, I exit from the full screen and the only way to get back to full screen is to use the browser controls, but once i use the browser controls i completely lose function to the game controls and can't continue where i left off. So, I've had to restart the game like 5 times, losing all my progress. 

So, how do you save on xbox one or even get to a save menu, without having to activate the browser controls and losing all progress. 

Help is greatly appreciated. 

sorry this is late but hopefully it will help others

press left and right buttons (not triggers) at the same time to bring up save menu. This menu will allow you to save, load, reset and exit game

I love the emulator been using it for quite sometime maybe 3 years. I ha e to gripes though ...the screen cuts off the image at the bottom so I can't see whats going on. For instance SSF: The New Challengers I cant see the super meter on the bottom.

My 2nd gripe is the save/load states. They more or less work...for certain games. I can't play an RPG/JRPG game cause it will only save at a certain point. So when I progress from that certain save point I can't. Even if I choose save state it will load the previous save state and not a new one. So whenever I come back to it all my progress is gone. Sometimes I'll double check before I stop playing and it will load the current save state but if I exit the browser it's like it gets deleted and the previous save state is loaded.

A shot in the dark, not sure of you're still doing maintenance on it.

You need to change the border settings in the edge browser settings in order to see the bottom of the game.

Yeah I have issues with saves too not sure what to do there

When I open up with edge, I can only see a certain amount of my roms that are in the Onedrive folder. Is there a cap on how many roms will pop up on Nesbox??

I think it's 100 roms per folder.


When I play on my xbox one console, a part of the screen gets cut off, the bottom part cuts off a few inches and hinders the gameplay.  How to solve this problem?


How do i add roms cause .exe and .zip rom files dont work

Extract them...

supports NESSNESGENESISGAMEBOY and ADVANCE systems: .nes .smc .sfc .gen .smd .mb .bin .gba .gbc .gb


I need to know if there ever be an update for Emulators???

Any chance we'll get an update to allow us to play more systems like Neo Geo Saturn Dreamcast Sega CD Playstation and Xbox OG? Any of them will suffice. Thanks

That's what I want to know as well

Using a Chromebook downloading games is ridiculously easy and fast.

how u download games

The emulator doesn’t load for safari

anyway to change frame rate or speed the game up

Able to save the game?


I get to the insert coin screen on mario bros but my buttons dont work.they work in game pad select but not when i want to play the game any fix for this.

How to get the full screen prompt to leave.

First of all, congratulations for the job. I would like to know if an updated version of the emulator will ever come out with better sound on GBA games and other n64 type cores. Thanks in advance for your reply

New here!!!! How do i find these game?

google the games you want i own every copy though i can't share it so you must look for it yourself just search for a download of every game for the console you want i seperated mine by console and A-Z on each game to make it easy to find. This gives you every game though including foreign language versions

Muito o app

would be nice if he could run the gba system setup with WiFi connection as we're on the Internet there are ways to do it I've worked with several of the emulators out there sometimes to much on is to much or asking for better graphics over performance of course so there's gotta be a way to even it out or maybe make a separate emulator section for gba may help  as well 

This doesnt work anymore for me im on xbox

11 days late to see this comment when using nesbox make sure you use the embeded version now

did you get it to work successfully now with the embedded version? 


So excited. It works fine, but it seems that only one player is able to play. Anyone knows how to let the second player join?

Just figured it out by myself. Please ignore.

How u do this

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In Edge on Xbox One anyway to remove the bar at the bottom of the screen that says " switched to full screen? Cannot click okay or exit now.

just wait before you click anything and it should disappear

No luck. It's not much of a problem for most games, but some are almost impossible to play with the prompt bar at the bottom.

Figured it out. Had to connect a keyboard so I could tab through and select "okay." Much better now after doing it once should not have to do it again.

So theres full screen you need click black side over left or right on menu button

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I have issues with lagginess and it being too stretched for the screen. Please any help would be appreciated.

I get my roms to run on the emulator on my Xbox. But the games do not respond to any button clicks on on the controller. 

I was playing super mario bros and it was laggy so i switched to the embedded one and it works alright. It plays alright now the music is sped up and the buttons are delayed a little. Like I press jump and he jumps a little after. Little annoying.

never mind. It was just a bad rom. I loaded a different version of super mario world and it works perfect on embed.

For some reason when i go to upload my roms from onedrive it shows the roms folder but it keeps saying that its empty. Do you know why this might be happening. 

I am having the same problem, Did you figure it out.


dear the creator i am using the embedded version of nesbox but i have had speed problems with metroid zero mission and metroid fusion for gba ,also do u plan on working on a cheat feature t=for the systems such as gameshark or game jenie  or so

gba seems to have issues all in all if he sees these


Nao consigo jogar mario, alguem pode me ajudar?



tell what to do to get and download roms 

about to check it out

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