Relesed TIC-80 0.45.0 dev

The main enhancement is SURF mode for browsing local and website carts
use surf command to run it (or press any button on the gamepad)

Closed issues:

  • In code editor, keep the current column of the cursor when switching lines #184
  • Incorrect Lua syntax highlighting in text editor #232
  • NEW with wrong parameters gives a silent error #257
  • Add "resume" command to return to the game in the same place where the game was stopped #264
  • Ability to edit default game template in similar way to config #276
  • time() function returns different values depending on how the program is run #278
  • error() crashes TIC #279
  • Game menu doesn't work if game has mouse input #280
  • Shortcut CTRL+/ in JavaScript code added LUA comment symbols "--" #284
  • TIC website improvements #285
  • Game menu wraps downwards but not upwards #286
  • Implement SURF mode #293
  • SURF return to TIC doesn't restore previous line index (and other suggestion) #296
  • SURF doesn't show cover for local cart #295
  • If you select "reset game" in Game Menu the sound will break - an annoying hiss will begin. #297

Files 895 kB
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88 days ago
tic_32bit_0.45.0.tar.gz 1 MB
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tic_64bit_0.45.0.tar.gz 1 MB
88 days ago
tic_arm_0.45.0.tar.gz 912 kB
88 days ago
tic_0.45.0.dmg 2 MB
88 days ago
tic_0.45.0.apk 5 MB
88 days ago

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