Relesed TIC-80 0.46.0


  • Music Editor can copy/paste selected area now


    added on/off green buttons to temporarily mute the channel
    CTRL+scroll changes note value of selected notes

  • also, we have first pull request from @Nullious 🎉
    he added textri api function which you can use to draw a triangle filled with texture from image ram or map ram


Closed issues:

  • Music Editor requests #174
  • Add buttons to toggle channels on/off in music editor #193
  • bug in SURF #304
  • textri command api #317
  • Browser hang if i run html-build, in native build OK. JavaScript. #306
  • Border color does not update when loading carts until esc is pressed. #308
  • V 0.45.0 exported doesn't contain correct palette #307

Files 923 kB
47 days ago 1 MB
47 days ago
tic_32bit_0.46.0.tar.gz 1 MB
47 days ago
tic_64bit_0.46.0.tar.gz 1 MB
47 days ago
tic_arm_0.46.0.tar.gz 917 kB
47 days ago
tic_0.46.0.dmg 2 MB
47 days ago
tic_0.46.0.apk 6 MB
47 days ago

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