Relesed TIC-80 0.47.0


In .47 we got help from 4 contributors:
Matheus Lessa Rodrigues
Anthony Camboni

All the editor modes use the only system palette now, except Sprite and Map Editors (they use game palette), added LUA live reload command line parameter (use -code-watch) and closed other small issues...

Closed issues

  • On website, SURF is broken bug #303
  • Use scanline trick to draw Sprite and Map editors with cart palette enhancement #345
  • better bounds checking for memcpy, memset bug #342
  • Live reload of .lua file(s) in developer mode enhancement #299
  • Tic 0.47.0 enhancement #340
  • btn() always returns number api bug #339
  • Crash on Android android bug #324
  • Ensure tile pos is always visible in map editor enhancement #338
  • adding code editor ctrl+home and ctrl+end functionality editors enhancement #334
  • Run button on code editor only editors enhancement #331
  • textri() causes error when using javascript api bug #328

Files 895 kB
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32 days ago
tic_32bit_0.47.0.tar.gz 1 MB
32 days ago
tic_64bit_0.47.0.tar.gz 1 MB
32 days ago
tic_arm_0.47.0.tar.gz 916 kB
32 days ago
tic_0.47.0.dmg 2 MB
32 days ago
tic_0.47.0.apk 5 MB
32 days ago

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