Relesed TIC-80 0.30.0 dev

Closed issues

- Music editor: Row indicator #248
- Map Editor (0.30.0): Fill in selected box only (Suggestion) #249
- CLIP doesn't affect CLS api #247
- Show 'press BACK button to enter UI' on mobile #237
- Don't copy internal files to separate folder on every release #246
- Unflip the nibbles in clipboard data #226
- CTRL+Enter to play pattern from cursor pos in the Music Editor #238
- [REQUEST] Fill a portion of the map with a specific tile #138
- Box select, copy and paste in the map editor #132
- Map editor request #178
- Export native not working in 0.29.3 #233
- Random generator seed doesn't work on MacOS #228
- JS: sfx() incorrectly using "note" argument #229
- JS: font() produces incorrect results #230
- Array of transparent colors for SPR() #225 

Files (1 MB)
82 days ago
tic_32bit_0.30.0.tar.gz (1 MB)
82 days ago
tic_64bit_0.30.0.tar.gz (1 MB)
82 days ago
tic_chip_0.30.0.tar.gz (919 kB)
82 days ago
tic_0.30.0.dmg (1 MB)
82 days ago
tic_0.30.0.apk (5 MB)
82 days ago

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the version run directly from the Itchio app has a weird window.

And it is not possible to scale up the screen because all it gives is more white around the screen.

seems you installed html version of TIC

Weird, the itchio app usualy update my version of TIC-80.

But this time it installed the HTML version instead...