TIC-80 tiny computer 0.23.0 dev

version 0.23.0

  • sound module has been rewritten from scratch and got editable waveforms
  • added Music category to the https://tic.computer/play?cat=3
  • added speed parameter to the tracker (for fine tune music speed, means how many 'ticks' to play each row)
  • fixed arpeggio note pitch
  • Map same keys for SFX and MUSIC Editor #112
  • Add the ability to output log to file. #109
  • btnp() hold parameter time resets when any other button is pressed #108
  • Cannot print newlines #90
  • Improvement the "world map" in the "map editor" #79
  • Show the tile's ID for the map editor. #105
  • Scaling the text with print() function #78
  • Cannot load files that includes whitespace in its filename #88
  • "sfx(-1)" is required before playing same sound, duration parameter to sfx api. #87
  • add hotkey for comment/uncomment #95
  • Sprite editor - Selection tool bug #102
  • feature: sspr() function: multi tile sprite operations and palette swapping #71

API changes:

  • you can draw composite sprites, add w and h parameters
    spr id x y [colorkey=-1] [scale=1] [flip=0] [rotate=0] [w=1 h=1]
  • added duration parameter to sfx, means how many ticks to play (sfx == -1 by default to play sfx infinitely)
    sfx id [note] [duration=-1] [channel=0] [volume=15] [speed]
    where note is index = octave * 12 + note or string like C#4
  • added scale param to print and font api
    print text [x=0 y=0] [color=15] [fixed=false] [scale=1] -> width
    font text [x=0 y=0] [color=15] [w=8 h=8] [fixed=false] [scale=1] -> width
    where w and h size for empty symbol (space for example)
    also print and font can draw multiline text (use \n to wrap words)


tic_0.23.0.zip 1 MB
May 04, 2017
tic_64bit_0.23.0.tar.gz 1 MB
May 04, 2017
tic_32bit_0.23.0.tar.gz 1 MB
May 04, 2017
tic_0.23.0.dmg 1 MB
May 04, 2017
tic_0.23.0.apk 4 MB
May 04, 2017

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